Hi, I'm Kristen.

I believe in love.
I believe that marriage is incredible and sacred. I believe that the promises made at a wedding will carry two people through a lifetime.
I believe that the memories created on a wedding day should be preserved for all time, so when we start to lose focus, we can look back at a photo and feel the wind, smell the trees, hear the rush of our heartbeat in our ears, and remember that moment of truth when we promised our heart and soul.
I'm here to inspire the lovers and the lifers.

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What they said...

What they said...

“I would recommend her 50x over! She is fun, outgoing and is amazing at keeping things organized yet casual and candid. I prefer candid pictures because I think it captures the true beauty of a moment and I don’t feel as stiff and awkward. She brought all of this to life for a second chance wedding shoot and we literally relived our wedding day again! It was a fantastic idea and something my husband and I enjoyed so much. If we could steal her and keep her for only our family pictures we totally would!”

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