About Me

Hey, I’m Kristen!

Born in Marion, NC and raised in North Iredell, NC, I’m a small town southern girl who loves to make new friends and travel. When I’m not behind my camera or behind a computer screen, I like to spend my time with my darling husband, my daughter Taylor and my Labrador retriever. My interest in photography began as a teenager, poring over dusty albums in my grandparents’ storage. I was obsessed with the grainy photos of my grandfather as a young man, with a cigarette hanging from his lips as he played with his infant son on the hood of a classic car. I wanted those moments to stay frozen forever, exactly the way they were. That love of the moment has carried over into the way I want to capture adventures, elopements and weddings. I capture memories in a style that is true to you, trendy but timeless, with a film-like quality.

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Telling your story in photos is about so much more than just cheesing at the camera for a new profile picture. It's about having a connection that allows you to FEEL something when you look at your images. It's about having that beautiful piece of visual history that is YOU, not some model on Pinterest. It's the wind in your hair. It's the arms of your lover around you, and the warmth of the sun on your skin.

It's the photo that brings you back to the moment, over and over.

My art might be a good fit for you, if any of the following sound right:

  • You want to remember the real things - the smile lines, the happy tears. You love honesty and authenticity, not trends, props and backdrops
  • Your idea of a perfect photo isn’t everyone sitting and smiling perfectly – you want to see the laughter, the crooked grins, the perfect imperfections that make your family unique.
  • You want to be guided and directed, but represented as who you truly are in photos

I know it can be uncomfortable to be in front of a camera, and I promise to connect with you, make you smile, and give you space to be your best representation of yourself while still capturing your moments from start to finish.

I'm looking for the people who are madly in love, the rowdy families, the ones with laugh lines and freckles and cowlicks that won't tame like mine. These are the images your grandkids will compare their noses and lips to, to see if they look like you. I want to laugh with you, cry with you, climb a mountain with you, and document the changes in your beautiful life one step at a time.