7 Tips for Supporting Your Friends with Small Businesses

I live in North Carolina, and like many other states, North Carolina has ordered most small businesses and those things considered non-essential to close for the forseeable future, in compliance with CDC issued guidance.

As an artist, it stings a little to be considered non-essential, and it hurts my heart to put all my creativity on pause while I wait for the world to right itself and my clients to be comfortable hiring me again. My hairdresser friends, makeup artists, florists, massage therapists, and so many others who own small businesses have also been impacted by the economic and pandemic crisis - But the good news is that there is still plenty you can do to support your small business community!

1. Show them some love on social media!

Most small businesses are active and gain referrals and marketing through social media. Liking, commenting, pinning, saving, and sharing are great ways to get their brand noticed! Follow your small business friends on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with their latest news, behind the scenes action, and deals they may offer.

By simply engaging with the things they post, you will be supporting them emotionally and helping to get their business in front of more people!

2. Recommend them to friends and family.

We all know somebody who knows somebody, and the best kind of business is done through referrals! If you have the chance to talk up your friend's small business or encourage someone to give them a try, DO IT! If you see a post on a small business owner's social media, tag a friend who may be interested. A little recommendation can go a long way!

3. Give them a signal boost!

Thanks to the Coronavirus, we all have the extra time now! If you know someone who has a small business, you may be able to write a positive review on their website, Google, or Facebook page. You can also drop them an email to tell them your thoughts on their service or product, with permission for them to share it across their platform!

Reviews are SO helpful, because they show the small business as a trusted place to buy from. This will help new customers make the decision to purchase.

4. Send them a personal message.

If someone you love is trying to manage a small business with no customer flow, I promise you, they need your encouragement. Take some time to drop them a little note of encouragement. Tell them why you love their work, why you believe in their company, and that you are willing to help by doing the items listed above! You will put a smile on their face, and you may be the motivation they need to keep going.

5. Shop from a social distance

#1-4 show you just how easy it is to support your small business owner friends without spending a dime! You may also be able to purchase their services or products online, through an Etsy store or website. By shopping online, you'll be rewarding yourself and your small business owner friend. Bonus points: even small purchases help keep the economy active and stimulated!

6. Buy a gift card or certificate.

All the retail stores are closed, and you know your mom's birthday is right around the corner, so instead of browsing Amazon Prime for items that may or may not get here in time, spring for a gift certificate! Ask your entrepreneurial buddies if they can provide you with a certificate for their goods and services. Chances are, your loved ones will find a gift like this to be even more special and heartfelt, and you may be able to think outside the box and provide a unique experience as well as supporting a small business.

7. Stop asking for discounts/freebies.

Hear me loud and hear me good: this is not support. This is very common in the world we live in. Whenever someone is close to us, we expect them to give us some kind of discount - but think of it in the opposite terms. If someone is close to you, you wouldn't want them to take a loss on their goods and services. Those are the people that you should be willing to support because you believe in them, and you would rather support their livelihood than to just throw money at a stranger or a large corporation.

Many businesses do offer a friend and family discount, and would be thrilled for you to take advantage of that or any other promotions currently offered. Remember that any purchase you make from a small business is helping them to increase revenue, meet goals, and stay in business.

In conclusion...

Even if you're also being affected by the COVID19 crisis, you can still offer support to small businesses. We are all in this together!

How to support a small business for free

  • Follow on social media.....$0.00
  • Share a post........................$0.00
  • Like a post .........................$0.00
  • Repost.................................$0.00
  • Tag a friend .......................$0.00
  • Comment..... .....................$0.00
  • Post a photo ......................$0.00
  • Give a shoutout ................$0.00
  • Being kind .........................$0.00

Let's support each other during these difficult days, and hopefully come out even stronger! Go love on a small business today!